Intriguing city located on a small island, with small sized stelae and altars.


Located on the largest island in the south-west end of the Yaxha Lagoon, Topoxte, meaning "Breadnut tree" is the only site that shows monumental Postclassic (900-1450 AD) architecture, when all sites in the area had been abandoned. It is estimated that between 1150 and 1200 AD, some migrant communities, with political affiliations to the Yucatan peninsula, settled permanently in the city.

The whole urban complex of the island is organized in terraces on which at least 100 platforms were built to support ceremonial, residential and administrative buildings of the elite. In the ceremonial sector of the Topoxte island, located at its highest point and characterized by stelae and altars of small dimensions, significant burials have been found. The residences of ordinary people were distributed in the lower sectors of the island, where there were also several piers. Because of these particular characteristics, the island is considered a relic of ancestors.


Topoxte is accessible by boat throughout the year. Boat services are provided by Los Tulipanes de Yaxha Community Association for Integral Development.

Visit duration

To visit Topoxte, a local guide must acommpany you (we recommend the services of the Community Tourism Guides Association of Yaxha). The boat ride from the Yaxha dock to Topoxte takes 30 minutes, and you need about an hour to visit the entire site.


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